As the New York Times reported, “Mexico is Washington’s largest trading partner, sending across the border items like tomatoes, cars, and rugs. Mexico sent the United States $346.5 billion of goods last year—meaning that a 5 percent tariff on those products would amount to a tax increase of more than $17 billion.”

“Most of the costs,” according to the Times, “would then be passed on to businesses and consumers.”

On top of the harms to U.S. consumers, immigration experts and rights advocates said tariffs would do nothing to remedy humanitarian issues at the border, which many critics argue are a direct consequence of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

In a series of tweets late Thursday, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) accused Trump of using “asylum seekers, children, the economy, and American values” as “disposable pawns in his cruel game.”

“Trump’s reckless tariff decision that puts the lives and jobs of Arizona’s workers and their families at stake,” Grijalva said, “removes any pretense that he cares about anything other than exacerbating the border crisis and exploiting it for political gain.”

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